Wu Jing and Scott Adkins Go Toe To Toe In “Wolf Warrior”

Acclaimed Chinese martial artist Wu Jing directs and stars in the military themed “Wolf Warrior”. Whether it be hand to hand, small arms weapons, artillery, or high tech, this film features combat on every level.

Leng Feng (Wu Jing), a special forces expert sniper gets promoted to the Wolf Warrior division (which is themed as “the special forces within the special forces”) soon after killing the brother of a Chinese drug lord. The vengeful drug lord unleashes his personal group of international mercenaries (led by Scott Adkins) to kill Feng during the middle of military training exercises. Look for a top notch knife fight when Adkins takes on Jing. The fighting is quick and to the point (literally) as inferior combatants get dispatched off quickly. Look for different applications of martial arts, for example: a fight scene involving a pack of wolves. Not your typical fight scene, but it’s good to see martial arts used in defense against animals.

Chris ward of flickeringmyth.com writes: “The action is the real selling point of Wolf Warrior and on that level it doesn’t disappoint.”

Wu Jing proves to be sensational, his work in “Wolf Warrior” brought him the Huading Award for best new director, the film also won best action choreography and various other awards in the same event.

Director Wu Jing hits the target with the marksmanship of his character in “Wolf Warrior”. This is a very highly recommended film.

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