“Vengeance Of An Assassin” Is Legendary Director Panna Rittikrai’s Final Film

“Vengeance” is the last film of director, actor, screenwriter, and choreographer Panna Rittikrai, who was Tony Jaa’s mentor.  He also directed “Ong Bak” and “The Protector”. Rittikrai’s final action submission proves consistent with his prior films. Superb acrobatics, choreography, stunts, and powerful Muay Thai.


The plot is about two brothers in Thailand being raised by their uncle (Ping Lumprapleng). The brothers were unaware of how their parents died, but Thee (Dan Chupong) wanted answers. When the uncle was not forthcoming with information, Thee leaves home. He finds answers in a monastery and is trained how to be an assassin. While on a mission to botch a kidnapping, Thee becomes critically injured, returns to his uncle’s house and reunites with his brother Than (Nantawooti Boonrapsap) who has been training secretly. Together they finish Thee’s mission and get vengeance for their parents.


Look to see common objects converted into weapons. From the cutting ability of windshield wipers to chicken bones for stabbing through the jugular vein. Plenty of shootouts, stunts, including a full contact soccer/sparring match on hot coals and fire!


Alex of moviebuzzers.com writes: “If you’re going to watch this movie you only need to know one thing, expect to see some insane and jaw-dropping stunt work.”


The world lost a beacon of light with Rittikrai’s passing, but he left an impressive catalog that will inspire for years! This film is a great one!

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