Van Damme Shows Off His Top Notch Skills In “Bloodsport”!

This non-fictional classic takes us to a pre-UFC underground fighting tournament named the “Kumite”. Fighters from all over the world, each with different fighting styles converge in China to take part in this secret “Bloodsport”.
Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Frank Dux, a U.S. soldier that goes a-wall in order travel to China and compete in the Kumite. Dux is representing more than himself, he is also representing his masters (and master’s family’s) martial arts lineage. As if advancing in the tournament is not hard enough, Dux must also avoid U.S. police agents who are in China looking to return this A-wall soldier to America.

Monkey Style, Kick Boxing, Kung-Fu, Karate, Sumo Wrestling, even an all-out American brawler are some of the ingredients that make this pre-UFC film full of flavor and contrast. Legend Bolo Young plays the ruthless Korean Kumite Champion (Chong Li) that cripples and kills in the custom Kumite ring. A young Forest Whitaker is entertaining as he plays one of the police agents that can never seem to catch Frank Dux.

Eoin Friel of writes: “for sheer entertainment value and spectacular martial arts fight scenes, Bloodsport is just plain awesome.”

“Bloodsport” is a film that helped define a decade. Director Newt Arnold delivers one of Van Damme’s best works, a futuristic classic that gives a glimpse of what martial arts tournaments of the near future would look like (think UFC 1 Denver CO). This classic is a must watch!

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