This Is Not A Cat Fight, It’s A “Lady Blood Fight”

Director Chris Nahon spared no budget to exuberant amounts of “blood”, as female fighters wreck-havoc and spew bodily fluid scene after scene. The film star’s blond bombshell Amy Johnston (Jane) , looks innocent, but is a lethal weapon! This all-female Kumite clearly pays homage to the classic “Bloodsport”.


In the plot, Jane aspires to compete in an underground fighting tournament named “Kumite” in Hong Kong. Jane also wants to uncover what happened to her father, who competed in a Kumite, then vanished. When Jane arrives in Hong Kong she is attacked by multiple male thieves. She is helped by Shu (Muriel Hofmann), a Wu-Dan teacher who is looking for a worthy student to train for the Kumite. Shu’s rival, a Shaolin teacher named Wai (Kathy Wu) also has a new student named Ling  (Jenny Wu) who will also compete in the Kumite against the best fighters in the world.


Look for bone crunching Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin Kung-Fu, Wu-Dan Style, and Boxing. Weapons like nunchucks, halberd, double hands swords, kwan dao, double sword, and sword, add to the bloodshed. Soviet fighter, Svietta (Mayling NG) is an entertaining villain with her menacing gold grill teeth.


Lee Jutton of writes: “full of frenetic, full-blooded fight scenes between a diverse array of badass women that will not disappoint.”


This film is entertaining start to finish and the title is a valid description. Recommended.

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