“The Two Champions of Shaolin” Is Timeless!

Shaw Brothers Studio again teams up with super director Chang Che and “Venom Mob” members and add to their list of consistent classics. “The Two Champions of Shaolin” is filled with spectacular carnage.


In this tale, Hu Wei Chen (Chiang Sheng) of Shaolin kills two Wu-Tang teachers, Wu-Tang then plots their vengeance. Wu-Tang is aided by the Quin courts captain (Feng Lu) and the Ewing brothers who are masters of Monkey Style. Chen is not alone, he’s helped by “The Shaolin Hercules” Tung Chien-chen (Lo Mang), Chin Tailei (Sun Chien), and Chin’s sister (who teaches Tung how to counter flying daggers).


Look for a buffet size helping of action, flying daggers, plenty of great footwork to accompany the on screen blood bath. An unforgettable moment is when Chen side steps a flying side kick from his opponent and grabs the genitals and rips them out with his bare hands, Chen then continues to drop the genitals on the floor and shake his bloody hands in disgust. The “Monkey Style” of the Ewing brothers is top notch and the monkey masks they wear makes their aura that much more interesting.


Justin of heroic-cinema says: “these guys do their thing well, with some amazing fight sequences that show off a variety of styles and some complex choreography.”


“Champions” is an illustrious peace of Hong Kong cinema. If you missed this classic, I strongly urge you watch this film ASAP!

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