“The Last Dragon” Is An Awesome 80’s classic!

This 80’s cult classic is a favorite amongst those born in generation X. Unforgettable characters like Sho’Nuff the shogun of Harlem and Bruce Leroy are entertaining as their names imply. Produced by Barry Gordy, the film is complete with a Motown soundtrack.

When Leroy Green aka Bruce Leroy (Taimak) reaches a high level of martial arts, his master tells him that he must “leave and find the master” so that he can attain “the glow” (which is the final level of martial arts). At the same time, Sho’Nuff of Harlem (Julius Carry) is set out to fight and defeat Leroy so that he can be the undisputed supreme fighter in N.Y.C. Meanwhile, Eddie Arkadian (Christopher Murney) attempts to kidnap Lara Charles (Vanity) a music video/ dance TV show host so that she can play the music of his girlfriend. When Leroy stops their kidnapping attempts, Arcadian hires some muscle in the form of Sho’Nuff and his gang.

Look a great final fight scene between Sho’Nuff and Leroy as they attain the glow. Watch for a very young Ernie Reyes, he steals every scene he is a part of with his unbelievable skill at such a young age.

Jarrett Kruse of denofgeek.com says: “Last Dragon is easily one of the best “B” movies that the ninja genre produced during this period.”

Director Michael Schultz captures 80’s pop culture and seals it in a tight capsule for future generations. “The Last Dragon” is a fun must watch.

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