“The Five Deadly Venoms” Is The Definition Of A Classic Martial Arts Film!

Besides Bruce Lee, one would be hard pressed to find a movie that has made as much of a impact as the Shaw Brothers Studio 1978 release “The Five Deadly Venoms.” A favorite amongst M.A. movie enthusiasts world-wide, the F.D.V. is one of the top M.A. movies ever made.

When a terminally ill Kung-Fu master fears that his former students may be plotting to kill his colleague and rob him of his riches, he sends his last pupil to find “The Poison Clan” (the students he’s taught). The poison clan consists of The toad, centipede, snake, scorpion, and the lizard. Each “venom” has been trained in specific styles (toad style, snake style etc.). The last pupil has been taught all five venom styles, yet he would need help from at least one of the venoms in order to stop them. To complicate things, no one knows the identity of the poison clan, because they all wore masks while training.

Look to learn about different Kung-Fu styles while watching. From the almost unbeatable toad style, to the speed of the snake style.

Christopher Beaumont of criticaloutcast.com writes: “It is one of those movies that is just truly worth spending a couple of hours with.”

F.D.V. continues to inspire films like “Kung-Fu Panda”. It’s been sampled in music from Wu-Tang Clan, and launched popularity of the F.D.V. actors into the stratosphere. This is a film you have to watch.

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