“Sword Master” Is A First Class Remake Of A Shaw Brothers Classic

The Third Master returns in “Sword Master”, a remake of the Shaw Brothers film “Death Duel” (1977). Derek Yee, the star of the original “Death Duel” returns, but this time as director. Based on the Wuxia novel by Gu Long, “Sword Master”, is filled with the high flying sword play that is familiar to the genre.

The Third Master (Kenny Lin) is thought to be dead. His biggest rival, the tattooed face swordsman Yan (Peter Yo) is left without an opponent to fight. Being close to death from sickness, he regrets not facing the Third Master so that he can die from his sword or get out of his shadow and become the number one swordsman. Secretly, the Third Master was alive working as a janitor in a brothel and as a helper to a peasant family. Despite faking his death in attempts to stop killing, the Third Master Is discovered and confronted with his past. The fight scenes in this film are top notch. The characters are engaging with their skull masks and tattooed faces. You may have to pause and reflect on the content on the dialogue, as it is deep, meaning-full, and poetic.

Edmund Lee of scmp.com writes: “one of the best Chinese-language remakes of recent times.”

This remake was a splendid success from start to finish. “The sword Master” is full of entertainment. A film you have to see!

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