“Skin trade” is exhilarating!

Director Ekachia Uekrongtham Takes us on an eye opening journey to the dark crevices of

The criminal underworld in “Skin Trade”. The star-studded cast is a martial arts/action movie buff’s dream. Some of the best action stars of this era facing off against each other in an action thriller that is filled with chases, fights, gun battles, and the unexpected twist.
Skin trade is a film about the sex slave trade conducted by a Serbian crime syndicate led by Victor (Ron Pearlman) and his family. Nick Cassidy (Dolph Lundren) a New Jersey officer whose family was murdered by the Serbian crime syndicate after an attempt to arrest Victor resulted in the deaths of one of Victor’s sons. This makes Nick Cassidy insatiably blood thirsty for vengeance. Eddie Reed (Michael Jay White) is a fellow cop that follows Nick Reed to Thailand, where many of the young girls are abducted and distributed throughout the world. There he meets Tony Vitayakul (Tony jaa) of the Thailand police, this cop rescues girls in the sex-trade and at the same time mercilessly punishes criminals with his superb brand of Muay Thai Boxing. The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck wrote:“the fight scenes are often impressive.”

“Skin Trade” may not be a big budget Hollywood blockbuster, but the talent and performance of the actors will make this film one your favorites.

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