Scott Adkins Fights For His Life In “Hard Target 2”

Over thirty years have passed since Van Damme starred in the John Woo directed “Hard Target”. This time around Scott Adkins takes the lead role in this action packed sequel. Adkins does not disappoint as he displays his martial arts skills. Adkins flexes his 720 hook kicks, jumping back kicks, 540 roundhouse kicks, grappling skills, and an array of elbow and knee strikes.

Adkins plays Wes Baylor a professional mixed martial arts fighter that accidentally kills his friend with a 720 spin hook kick during a match. Soon after, Baylor retires from the pro circuit and finds himself in Bangkok where he self-medicates excessively with alcohol and fights in underground MMA events. After a fight event, he is approached by Alderich (Robert Knepper) and given a proposition for a fight. Little does he know that the fight is a hunt and he is the “game”.

Adkins is one of the best western martial artist on screen so look for great fight sequences right away. Director Roel Reiné flawlessly transitions from in ring fighting to a hunt filled with big

guns and pyrotechnics. John Mosby of writes: “Adkins has proven time and time again that he’s capable of handling those up-close performances and Hard Target 2 no exception.”

Van Damme Is a hard act to follow, But Adkins does “Hard Target” justice. The casting director chose the right man for the part! This film is a must see for every Scott Adkins and action film fan.

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