“Rise Of A Legend” Fires up The Screen!

Director Chow Hin Yeung Roy’s 1900’s post Quin Dynasty opium wars gangster flick delivers. The immortal Sammo Kam-Bo Hung continues to re-define newton’s law with acrobatic anti-gravity techniques. Eddie Peng (like Jacky Chan and Jet Le) provides his version of the Chinese folklore hero Wong Fei Hung.


The plot begins shortly after the end of the Qin dynasty. The North Gang lead by Master Lui (Hung) and his three adopted sons (generals) are fighting rival gangs for control of a pier, controlling the pier means controlling foreign trade. Lui summons Fei and his group with an offer, “whoever brings the head of the rival gang leader will become a fourth adopted son!”. Fei’s skills are legendary, and quickly rises up the gang hierarchy, but his motives are influenced by past experiences.


Look for outstanding special effects and slow motion 360 panning to highlight spectacular techniques. One of the best effects were the flames when Peng and Hung fight inside a burning

Pier. The effects were so good that “Legend” received a Hong Kong Film Award for “Best Visual Effects”, also a HKSC Award for “Best Cinematography”.


Andy Webster of nytimes.com writes: ““Legend” does offer the hefty authority of Mr. Hung, who at 64 can still — almost — hit, kick and do wire work with the best of them.”


“Legend” is inspiring Chinese folklore, top notch entertainment embedded in a history lesson. A great film with great characters, truly recommended!


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