Phillip Rhee Faces Off Against Real Life Brother Simon Rhee In “Best Of The Best”

The star and writer of the film Phillip Rhee emulates great technique and speed in “Best Of The Best” and puts it up against his real life brother, an equally skilled Simon Rhee. Director Robert Radler delivers a classic Taekwondo film. “Best of the Best” boasts a talented roster of actors, James Earl Jones, Eric Roberts, and Chris Penn share the screen in this classic.

The U.S. National Karate Team is assembled with the purpose of competing against the Korean National Team in a Tae Kwon Do Tournament. The captain of the U.S. team Tommy Lee (P. Rhee) must face the captain of the Korean team Dae Han (S. Rhee) who killed his brother in an earlier tournament. Both teams must prepare, but the U.S. has almost no chance to beat the Koreans.

Look for brilliant Tae Kwon Do techniques in this film. Ambidextrous abilities are exhibited as fighters switch from southpaw and back to traditional (right hand) stances. The Korean training is on an insane level, as they run up mountains, through snow, practice hand techniques by striking trees while shirtless in snow showing hard core strength training.

Geno McGahee of writes: “Best Of The Best delivers”. BESOF THE BEST delivers.” With Tae Kwon Do being one of the most popular martial arts in the world, this film will be enjoyed on a large scale. This 80’s film will continue to entertain, the techniques displayed will never go out of style. This is one to check out.

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