Michael Jai White Flexes His Directorial Skills Once Again In “Never Turn Back No Surrender”

Michael Jai White returns to direct and star in this third edition of the “Never Turn Back” and ”Never Back Down” films. White exhibits superb traditional martial arts style and brilliantly incorporates it into the sport of MMA. Once again, there are professional fighters co-starring with White. Former UFC Heavy Weight Champion Josh Barnett (Brody James) brings his real life experience to the set. Even superstar Tony Jaa lends support and plays himself in a humorous cameo.

The movie picks up a few years after “Never Back Down 2 The Beat Down”. Case Walker (White) is fighting in a low level MMA match when he runs into an old friend Brody James, who is a MMA champion. Brody convinces Case to travel to Thailand to help him train for a MMA

title bout versus “psycho” Caesar Braga (Nathan Jones). When James gets injured in training, Case Walker is chosen to take his place in the title bout for the World Championship Title. Look for traditional Katas, 360 degree kicks, plenty of flying sidekicks, and a motivating training montage. Applicable martial arts lessons are in this film, as white demonstrates footwork training and how to use angles in fighting.

Brad Curran of Kung-Fukingdom.com writes: “MMA is done a welcome and tremendous justice in “Never Back Down: No Surrender.”

“Never Turn Back No Surrender” brings together the world of traditional martial arts and MMA. Fans of both styles will be appreciative of this film.

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