Michael Jai White Controls The Action In “Never Back Down 2 The Beat Down”

Michael Jai White (Case Walker) stars and makes his directorial debut in “Never Back Down 2”.

He is accompanied by professional MMA fighter Todd Duffee (Tim Newhouse), Scott Epstein (Justin Epstein) who has also competed in pro MMA fights, Alex Meraz (Zack Gomez) who has won tournaments in Karate and Capoeira, Dean Geyer (Mike Stokes) is also a black belt in Karate. No doubt, this cast was assembled for the purpose of realistic fighting scenes.

Mike Stokes arrives in college and finds out that his roommate Max (Evan Peters) is putting together an underground fighting event called “The Beat Down”. Max convinces Mike to fight in the tournament and connects him with Case Walker, a martial arts master with plenty of attitude. Together with Case’s other students, he prepares for the “Beat Down”.

Look for an awesome cameo from former UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion Lyoto Machida.

Also, White gives his character Case Walker an attitude which is a strong departure from the stereotypical “Mr. Miyagy” type teacher we frequently see in films. Case is from New Orleans (which was the murder capital of the U.S. for quite a few years) so his tough street persona is understandable.

Budomate.com writes: “this is a surprisingly high quality martial arts movie that much betters the original while maintaining the same sense of energy and realism. Michael Jai White with his directorial debut gave fans exactly what they have come to expect.”

White’s directorial debut is a win. MMA fans will enjoy this film over and over.

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