“Kung Fury” Packs a wallop!

Kung Fury is an over the top Kung Fu comedy written, directed, and starring
David Sandberg. Big things do come in small packages when it comes to this short film. It’s Packed with action, Kung Fu, and plenty Blood. Ridiculous Characters like Triceracop (a man with a triceratops head), raptors that shoot lazers from the eyes, and Thor (Andreas Cahling) are as memorable as watching a man get split in half down the center with one blow from a sword.
It’s the 1980’s when a police man is struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra, thus mutating and becoming the chosen one. Only the chosen one can reach the highest level of Kung Fu, “Kung Fury!”
In the story Kung Fury must travel through time in order to capture Hitler ( SNL’s Jorma Taccone). Hitler is a 1940’s Kung Fu champion that uses Nazi scientist in attempts to unlock the secrets of Kung Fury for himself.
“Kung fury” received international best film, best short film awards, and also had a

nomination in the Cannes film festival. In Variety.com’s “10 reasons Kung Fury was the most

awesome project in Cannes”, it listed number five as: “Boasts Better Action Than Five Steven Segal Movies”.
Quite Impressive for a film that had to ask for donations from the Kickstarter
website in order to be completed.

Overall Kung fury is a fun homage to 1980’s pop culture, a hysterical departure from reality, with enough originality to make it a one of a kind winner.

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