“Kung-Fu Killer” Is An Award Winning Masterpiece!

Director Teddy Chan puts together a murder drama/mystery and wraps it up in an exciting martial arts movie. Fight choreographer and lead actor Donnie Yen earned a Hong Kong Film Award for “Best Action Choreography” for his work in the film. Kung –Fu Killer has that classic martial arts feel, yet its modern and fresh.

Yen plays Hahou Mo, an ex Kung-Fu teacher and police combat instructor serving time for killing an opponent. When police investigate martial arts masters being murdered, Mo offers his help to the authorities. Mo’s knowledge of martial arts is instrumental in predicting who the killer is and who will be his next victims.

Look for world class Kung-Fu from beginning to end. Yen once again shows that he is one of the best men in the planet with a Bo Staff. Wang Baoqiang showcases superb skill as the martial arts killer Fung Yu-Sau. The script is brilliant and often sounds poetical. Ignatiy Vishnevetsky of avclub.com writes: Kung Fu Killer is a wildly entertaining slice of Hong Kong action.”

“Kung-Fu Killer” will astonish and excite everyone. Yen once again shows that he is not only an expert Kung-Fu practitioner, but also a great actor. In an era where numerous high profile names are recruited to draw larger audiences to a martial arts film, Yen shows that his name alone as headliner can bring in numbers. This film is worthy of praise and it is imperative that every Kung-Fu film fan watch “Kung-Fu Killer”.

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