“Kundo: Age Of The Rampant” Has The Way Of The Sword Shining Ultra Bright!

From the opening credits of director Jong-Bin Yoon’s “Kundo: Age Of The Rampant”, one knows they are watching a good movie. It’s a “Robin Hood” story/Korean western (horses and all) with a Quentin Tarantino style pumping soundtrack. This Korean produced picture brings to the screen superb fight choreography, various weapons, great visual cinematography, desert settings, colorful costumes, and intriguing characters.

The story takes place late in the Joseon dynasty (Late 19th century). It is a story of Dochi (Jung-woo Ha), a butcher who was the only survivor of an assassination attempt on himself and his family. The deaths of his family leaves Dochi wanting revenge. When he is accepted into the “Chusul” clan (outlaws who fight for the poor and disadvantaged), Dochi along with the Chusul clan take the law into their own hands and seek revenge.
Look out for the superb performance of Dong-Won Kang as the villain Jo-yoon, a highly trained nobleman who is an expert in weapons and military tactics. Dochi the butcher fighting with two meat cleavers is exciting and clever. No wonder why when released “Kundo” broke records by becoming the all-time highest grossing opening day release in South Korea.

Variety.com’s Richard Kuipers states: “Yoon Jong-bin’s kimchi Western is a rousing, lavishly produced delight.”

“Kundo” is a balance of action, suspense, and comedy. It will have you moving out of your seat. If you love martial arts and have not seen it yet, then you’re missing out on what is a sure classic.

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