“Kill Bill Vol 2” Uma Thurman Delivers Eye Popping Performance!

Uma Thurman returns as Beatrix Kiddo (Black Mamba) to finish her task of revenge against the Viper assassination squad. This second edition continues the sword fighting, blood,
shock, visual artistry of director Quinten Tarantino, and more of the heart pumping soundtrack by RZA.

The film begins with a flash back to how Black Mamba was found by Bill (David Carradine) And the ensuing events that led to her getting shot in the head.
Bill and the rest of the Viper assassination squad have gotten word of what has happened to their fellow squad members and are preparing for Black Mamaba.

“Kill Bill Vol 2” also explains how the Viper Assassination Squad was trained by an old Chinese Master named “Pai Mei” whose visual appearance comes straight out of and old Run Run Shaw movie from the seventies.
Each scene resonates strongly. Tarantino directs a flawless conclusion to the ‘Kill Bill’ story (which was originally one movie that had to become 2 parts due to its length).

Elvis Mitchell of the New York Times describes it as: “a deliciously perverse picture”. Therefore, this film is not for the faint of heart, but “Kill Bill Vol 2” is a classic and a must watch.

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