“Kickboxer Vengeance” Reboot works well!

Director John Stockwell brings us plenty of fight scenes in this reboot of “Kickboxer”.

Kurt Sloane (Alain Moissi) returns with his splits and jumping split kicks. In the role Moissi adds flips and “tricking” (kicking while back flipping, front flipping, corkscrew kicks) to the character. Villain Tong Po (David Batista) returns more vicious, this time fighting with swords and not just broken glass laced Muay Thai hand-wraps. Po used to cripple opponents, now he kills them in the Muay Thai ring. Martial Arts legend Jean-Claude Van Dame (who played Kurt Sloane in the original film) plays Kurt’s trainer, Master Durand. MMA champion

Georges St-Pierre (Kavi) boosts the rosters star power.
Kurt’s brother Eric (Darren Shahlavi) just became the karate world champion when
he’s approached by a Promoter for a big money fight in Thailand.
He accepts and is killed in the ring by Tong Po as Kurt watches. Knowing that his
brother was set up to be killed in the ring, Kurt sets off for revenge. After trouble
with the authorities, Kurt is accepted by Master Durand to be trained so he can defeat Tong

Po. There are innovative training methods (as is in the original) that will inspire one to go kick something, or perhaps try to break a coconut with an elbow.
TheGuardians.com’s Mike McCahill says “Kickboxer Vengeance” “doesn’t disappoint”
And neither does Van-Dame, as age doesn’t seem to affect his butt whooping abilities. This film will have martial arts film fans saying ohhh and ahhh! definitely

worth watching.

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