“Kickboxer” Van Damme is Magnificent!

Directors Mark DiSalle and David Worth brilliantly capture Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ability,

skill, technique, and put it on full display. No editing is needed to make Van-Dam look convincing. There’s a forty second unedited scene where Van-dame performs perfectly chambered and recoiled round house kicks to a target that is held high on a stick by his trainer Xian (Dennis Chan), he then follows with five perfect split kicks over his trainer’s head. WITHOUT EDITING!

Van Damme delivers a level of intensity while kicking down a banana tree that suggests his Chi-flow was at one million percent while filming.
Van Dame plays Kurt Sloane. When Kurt witnesses his kickboxing world champion brother Eric, (real life kickboxing world champion Dennis Alexio) get

crippled in the ring by a merciless Muay Thai Boxer named Tong Po (Michel Qissi), Kurt sets off to get trained in the art of Muay Thai boxing in order to avenge his brother.
The innovative training methods in the film are inspiring. The final fight which incorporates Muay Thai hand wraps laced with broken glass is classic. Eoin

Friel of theactionelite.com wrote: “awesome training montages”, “the final fight sequence is truly satisfying”.

Van Damme’s dancing from the bar scene can still be seen all over social media as well as the dialogue “You can’t win fights with that tip tap sh!&!” continues to be posted on MA social media pages. Van Damme is one of the best martial artist to be filmed, “Kickboxer” ages like fine wine. A must watch!

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