“IP MAN 3” Donnie Yen Wins Again!

Donnie Yen stars in the most enjoyable installment of the Wilson-Yip directed “Ip Man” (the phenomenal teacher of Bruce Lee) trilogy. Yen once again displays world class hand speed, technique, and dexterity. He confronts multiple combatants, and also takes on Mike Tyson!

Ip Man is still the best fighter in China as a new adversary named Cheung Tin-Chi (Max Zhang) is hungry to take Ip’s title and become the best fighter in China. Master Ip deals with this new threat while at the same time defending his son’s school from gangsters and nursing his terminally ill wife (played by Lynn Hung). Furthermore, Kwok-Kwan Chan who is known for his role as the leader of the axgang in “Kung Fu Hustle” excels in the role of Bruce Lee.

Fight Choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping had Tysonbobbing and weaving in signature

fashion as Ip Man adapted his strategy to compensate for Tyson’s power. A fierce

elevator fight scene against a Muay Thai fighter added variety to the films fighting

styles.Michael Rechtshaffen of the LA Times Says: “Ip Man 3 Has All the right moves.”

To compliment the thrilling action, “Ip Man 3” touches on social structures, emotional complexities, economical struggles, and social statuses that existedin mid- twentieth century China. This makes for a great story, interesting characters, and plenty of butt kicking. Truly, “Ip Man 3” is a must watch.

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