“HERO” is visually powerful!

With the size of scenery alone, It’s not difficult to see why “Hero” was the most expensive Chinese movie ever made when it was released. There is Jet Li, (the biggest Chinese movie star on the planet that existed at the time) playing “Nameless”. There is also Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) playing “Moon” at a high point of her career. The cast also features breakout superstar Donnie Yen as “Sky” before he was a house hold name.
Through military conquest the King of Quin is unifying all of the existing kingdoms to make one vast empire. Three famous and unbeatable fighters (Sky, Flying Snow, and Broken Sword) have the King of Quin so frightened (after assassination attempts) that he does not sleep or take off his armor. That is until one nameless hero defeats all three of the Kings most dangerous adversaries and presents him with their weapons. The inquisitive King must know “how this unknown warrior defeated the three largest threats to the Quin kingdom”?
It was special watching Li (Nameless) battle Yen (Sky) which are two of the most popular

Chinese martial artists in the past 20 years. If that is not special enough, there are breathtaking scenes, colorful wardrobes, and a highly elaborate plot to compliment the phenomenal fighting. Adam Smith of Empireonline.com wrote: “You’ll be hard pressed to find anything as visually dazzling as this in cinematic history.”

Director Zhang Yimou makes a spectacle with his cinematography and huge scenes. “Hero” is a majestic masterpiece and a movie that you got to watch.

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