Former Stunt Men Hit A Home Run As First Time Directors In “John Wick”

Directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski deliver what is perhaps the best American made action film of the decade. Keanu Reeves shines as a highly skilled underworld hitman whose efficiency is world-renowned. “A man of focus” Russian mafia call him Baba Yaga (the boogie man)!


In this story, John Wick is a recently retired hitman mourning the loss of his wife. Her last parting gift to John was a puppy. When Losef (Alfie Allen from “Game Of Thrones”), son of Russian mafia boss Vigo (Michael Nyqvist) steals Wick’s car and kills his puppy, Wick goes on a personal vendetta of epic proportion.



John wick is with a gun as Picasso is with a brush, so look to see excellent gunplay. When the combat distance is close, Reeves showcases a high proficiency in grappling. Plenty of rolling, hip-tosses, arm-bars, and triangle chokes mixed in with fists and stabbings. Wick’s seems to effortlessly specialize in improvisation as he uses a car to dispatch his victims.


Christy Lemire of writes: “smart enough to let the intricate choreography speak for itself.”


J.W. is an ultra-violent ballet of knives, fists, bullets, chokes, and locks. Brilliant enough to win the “Taurus Award” for “Best Fight” at the 2015 World Stunt Awards.  Perhaps it’s familiarity (Stahelski was Reeve’s stunt double/martial arts coordinator in the “Matrix” trilogy), but without a doubt J.W. is awesome! J.W. gets the highest recommendation.

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