“Five Element Ninjas” Is One Of Shaw Brothers Studios Most Brilliant Works

From Shaw Brothers Studio, we have one of the best martial art movies ever made. Featuring four of the five members of the “Venom Mob” (the name given to the five actors who played ”The Five Deadly Venoms”). Together with director Chang Cheh (aka The Godfather of Hong Kong Cinema), they once again recreate the magic that martial arts movie fans loved about “The Five Deadly Venoms”, “The Kid With The Golden Arms”, and other Shaw Brothers classics. In this plot, two schools agree to ten rounds of combat to determine Kung-Fu superiority over the martial arts world. One school enlists the help of a Samurai, but after the Samurai is defeated along with his associates, he sends a letter out to his ninja friend, so that he and his ninjas can come and defeat the best Chinese fighters. Despite being the top school in China, the ninja is a new unknown threat with unconventional tactics.

The “Five Element Ninjas” are epic! The elements consist of gold, water, wood, fire, and earth. Each element with its own style of fighting. The excitement is foremost! Plenty of Blood and guts (in the literal sense) throughout.

James Mudge of Beyondhollywood.com writes: “Forget all other ninja films – “Five Element Ninjas” is the one.”

The “Five Element Ninjas” is one of the top martial arts movies ever made. A true classic that can be appreciated by young and old. This film is highly endorsed as a five-star classic.

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