“Falcon Rising” Michael Jay White flies High!

Ernie Barbarash directs an awesome martial arts action film. Michael Jay White shines in the role of John Chapman (Falcon). The sound of snaps, cracks, and pops are heard throughout the movie as White manipulates joints, dislocates, and breaks the bones of bad guys. That’s when he isn’t doing 360 spinning techniques, using surrounding objects as makeshift weapons, or shooting guns.

The film begins with Chapman, a suicidal war vet suffering from war flashbacks and overly self-medicating with alcohol. His sister (Laila Ali) is a social worker in the favela ghettos of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Upon hearing that his sister has been attacked and is barely alive, Chapman goes to Brazil to get to the bottom of his sister’s attack.

With the assistance of a military contact that works at the U.S. consulate (Neal McDonough) and local police, Chapman discovers that young girls are being
stolen and sold in a prostitution ring by Japanese Yakuza mobsters.
Larnell Stovall’s fight choreography was brilliant. A great moment was when White performed a flying side kick on one victim while simultaneously shooting another victim with a pistol (all in mid flight). The fighting climate gets extra hot with the skills of Lateef Crowder, who plays Carlo Bororo, a capoeira fighting Brazilian cop.

“Falcon Rising” is an entertaining film with a thrilling physical performance from Michael Jai White” writes Sheila O’Malley of rogerebert.com.

In a market that rarely depicts leading African American martial artist, White fills a void in the martial arts movie industry. We Highly recommend this film.

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