“Dragon The Bruce Lee Story” Is As Compelling As It Gets!

This biographic picture of the life of Bruce Lee is based on the book “Bruce Lee: The Man Only I

Knew”, written by his widow, Linda Lee. The film goes back to a young Lee in China until the time of his death. Fitting that the first words spoken in the film are that of Ip Man, which Lee calls “Sifu”. Ip Man’s first dialogue “you must conquer your inner demon” serves as a premise for the film and an insight into the culture Lee was born into.

In the film, Bruce Lee (Jason Scott Lee) was young and getting into fights in Hong-Kong. His father sends him to America, where he has to deal with the difficulties associated with racist social structures. Despite the racial climate, Lee believes in the American dream. While in college, Lee meets his wife and opens his Jeet kun Do school (despite the Chinese rule to not teach Americans). As his family grows, he begins work as an actor.

There’s plenty of fighting in this movie, but it’s also a love story. The soundtrack is one of the best you will hear. The music gives goosebumps when accompanied with Lee’s awe inspiring life.

Roger Ebert of rogerebert.com writes: “”Dragon” contains several martial arts sequences, all of them very well done (Jason Scott Lee makes a convincing student of the master’s skills).”

Director Rob Cohen splendidly delivers profound insight into the life of a legend. Every Bruce Lee fan will love this film.

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