Director Jesse V. Johnson and Scott Adkins serve up a full helping in “Savage Dog”

Scott Adkins wrecks mayhem in “Savage Dog”! Writer/Director Jesse V. Johnson (who also directed other films with Adkins “Accident Man”, “The Debt Collector”, and “Triple Threat”) breaks out the big guns along with plenty of fighting action. The S.D. cast is brim-full with talent, Marko Zaror (“Boyka 3”, “The Redeemer”) and Ultimate Fighter Kung Le (“Man With The Iron Fists”) bring their expert martial arts skills to the forefront in S.D.


The film’s plot takes place in 1959 Indochina. Adkins plays an Irish ex-boxing champion named Martin Tillman who is being held in a prison camp ran by international war criminals who conduct underground fights. Just when it looks like Tillman will soon have freedom, corrupt police and the war criminals running the prison murder those closest to him, converting him to a “Savage Dog” hungry for vengeance.


Look to see guns, explosions, and plenty of fists flying as Adkins tone down the kicks (just a little bit) while portraying a boxer with mean hands. Marko Zaror (The Executioner) flexes his knife mastery in a phenomenal scene versus Tillman. Kung Le’s 360 back kicks are also superb in his scene versus Adkins.


Joe Leydon of writes: “Adkins’ blunt-force physicality is sufficiently impressive”


Savage may be an understatement in this film, it goes beyond the expected. Overall, it’s a very good film that action film fans will enjoy.

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