“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” Is A Big Budget Masterpiece

Ang Lee directs a film that is complete in every phase. Cinematography, acting, story, and martial arts ability. Chow Yun-Fat and Zhang Ziyi are fluid wielding the “Green Destiny” sword, but Michelle Yeoh (perhaps the finest female martial artist to grace the silver screen) shines again.

When Li Mu Bai decides to leave the warrior lifestyle, he gives his famous sword, the Green Destiny to his friend and Wu Dan class mate Yu Shu Lien (Yeoh). Secretly, the Green Destiny gets stolen by a young expert female martial artist who has been trained by the villain Jade Fox (Pei Pei Cheng). Yu Shu Lien investigates the theft and discovers the culprit, but must follow proper etiquette in order to not offend the families of those involved. All the while, Mu Bai sees a potential student in the thief that may be worthy of the “Green Destiny”.

You will see great martial arts in this film. The fight scenes between Zhan Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh are fast paced artistry. Jade Fox proves to be a force, despite looking like someone’s mother, she has superb martial skills and her poisonous darts add to her cunningness.

Tom Breihan of AVCLUB.com writes: “Crouching Tiger is absolutely an action movie; its fight scenes, from the master choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping, are intricate and ambitious pieces of art.”

“Crouching Tiger” has won over forty movie awards world-wide and is the top grossing foreign language movie in U.S. history. This is “the” wuxia movie to watch! Highly recommended.

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