“IP MAN 3” Donnie Yen Wins Again!

Donnie Yen stars in the most enjoyable installment of the Wilson-Yip directed “Ip Man” (the phenomenal teacher of Bruce Lee) trilogy. Yen once again displays world class hand speed, technique, and dexterity. He confronts multiple combatants, and also takes on Mike Tyson! Ip Man is still the best fighter in China as a new adversary […]

“Falcon Rising” Michael Jay White flies High!

Ernie Barbarash directs an awesome martial arts action film. Michael Jay White shines in the role of John Chapman (Falcon). The sound of snaps, cracks, and pops are heard throughout the movie as White manipulates joints, dislocates, and breaks the bones of bad guys. That’s when he isn’t doing 360 spinning techniques, using surrounding objects […]