Van Damme Shows Off His Top Notch Skills In “Bloodsport”!

This non-fictional classic takes us to a pre-UFC underground fighting tournament named the “Kumite”. Fighters from all over the world, each with different fighting styles converge in China to take part in this secret “Bloodsport”. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Frank Dux, a U.S. soldier that goes a-wall in order travel to China and compete in the […]

“Skin trade” is exhilarating!

Director Ekachia Uekrongtham Takes us on an eye opening journey to the dark crevices of The criminal underworld in “Skin Trade”. The star-studded cast is a martial arts/action movie buff’s dream. Some of the best action stars of this era facing off against each other in an action thriller that is filled with chases, fights, […]

“Kung Fury” Packs a wallop!

Kung Fury is an over the top Kung Fu comedy written, directed, and starring David Sandberg. Big things do come in small packages when it comes to this short film. It’s Packed with action, Kung Fu, and plenty Blood. Ridiculous Characters like Triceracop (a man with a triceratops head), raptors that shoot lazers from the […]

“Kundo: Age Of The Rampant” Has The Way Of The Sword Shinning Ultra Bright!

From the opening credits of director Jong-Bin Yun’s “Kundo: Age Of The Rampant”, one knows they are watching a good movie. It’s a “Robin Hood” story/Korean western (horses and all) with a Quentin Tarantino style pumping soundtrack. This Korean produced picture brings to the screen superb fight choreography, various weapons, great visual cinematography, dessert settings, […]

“Kill Bill Vol 1” Is a stunning masterpiece!

Kill Bill vol.1 is one of director Quentin Tarantino’s finest works. Exceptional martial arts choreography, plenty of blood, gore, witty dialogue, a musical score by “RZA” that engages the senses, and a supersized helping of decapitations. “Kill Bill” depicts the story of Beatrix “Black Mamba” Kiddo (Uma Thurman), who is a member of the “Viper […]

“Kickboxer” Van Damme is Magnificent!

Directors Mark DiSalle and David Worth brilliantly capture Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ability, skill, technique, and put it on full display. No editing is needed to make Van-Dam look convincing. There’s a forty second unedited scene where Van-dame performs perfectly chambered and recoiled round house kicks to a target that is held high on a stick […]

“Kickboxer Vengeance” Reboot works well!

Director John Stockwell brings us plenty of fight scenes in this reboot of “Kickboxer”. Kurt Sloane (Alain Moissi) returns with his splits and jumping split kicks. In the role Moissi adds flips and “tricking” (kicking while back flipping, front flipping, corkscrew kicks) to the character. Villain Tong Po (David Batista) returns more vicious, this time […]