“The Raid Redemption” Leaves The Competition In The Dust!

You do not want to miss this instant classic. Iko Uwais is magnificent! Director Gareth Evans directs a masterpiece. Enough blood and machete chopping to satisfy any “Friday the 13th’” style movie. Mixed with gun battles and the highest level of Pencak Silat military/tactical applications that have perhaps ever been captured on the silver screen. […]

Michael Jai White Flexes His Directorial Skills Once Again In “Never Turn Back No Surrender”

Michael Jai White returns to direct and star in this third edition of the “Never Turn Back” and ”Never Back Down” films. White exhibits superb traditional martial arts style and brilliantly incorporates it into the sport of MMA. Once again, there are professional fighters co-starring with White. Former UFC Heavy Weight Champion Josh Barnett (Brody […]

“Never Back Down” Heats Up Orlando!

Director Jeff Wadlow takes us to the underground MMA fight scene in Orlando, Florida (from a high school perspective). This young attractive cast enjoys kicking up dust in dark corners of their high school, parties, and in secret fighting events. The scrapping gets recorded and put on YouTube which equates to high school status. Jake […]

“Kundo: Age Of The Rampant” Has The Way Of The Sword Shining Ultra Bright!

From the opening credits of director Jong-Bin Yoon’s “Kundo: Age Of The Rampant”, one knows they are watching a good movie. It’s a “Robin Hood” story/Korean western (horses and all) with a Quentin Tarantino style pumping soundtrack. This Korean produced picture brings to the screen superb fight choreography, various weapons, great visual cinematography, desert settings, colorful […]

“HERO” is visually powerful!

With the size of scenery alone, It’s not difficult to see why “Hero” was the most expensive Chinese movie ever made when it was released. There is Jet Li, (the biggest Chinese movie star on the planet that existed at the time) playing “Nameless”. There is also Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) playing “Moon” […]