“Kung Fu Hustle” is incredible!

After the success of “Shaolin Soccer” Stephan Chow returns with his follow up classic “Kung Fu Hustle” which he wrote, produced, directed, and stars in. Chow delivers a great action comedy fermented by great characters with excellent skills such as “the twelve kick style”, “Toad Style”, “Buddha Palm”, “Iron fist”, and the almost unbeatable “Lions […]

Wu Jing and Scott Adkins Go Toe To Toe In “Wolf Warrior”

Acclaimed Chinese martial artist Wu Jing directs and stars in the military themed “Wolf Warrior”. Whether it be hand to hand, small arms weapons, artillery, or high tech, this film features combat on every level. Leng Feng (Wu Jing), a special forces expert sniper gets promoted to the Wolf Warrior division (which is themed as […]

“The Last Dragon” Is An Awesome 80’s classic!

This 80’s cult classic is a favorite amongst those born in generation X. Unforgettable characters like Sho’Nuff the shogun of Harlem and Bruce Leroy are entertaining as their names imply. Produced by Barry Gordy, the film is complete with a Motown soundtrack. When Leroy Green aka Bruce Leroy (Taimak) reaches a high level of martial […]

“Red Cliff” Is An Intellectual Masterpiece

Director John Woo cleverly displays the Art of War through chess-like tactics and strategies in “Red Cliff”. Large military forces clash, countering each other’s movements in a test of wits between opposing generals. Terrain and weather are factors that lead to victory or defeat. By land and by water, armies and navies clash. The time […]

“Kung-Fu Killer” Is An Award Winning Masterpiece!

Director Teddy Chan puts together a murder drama/mystery and wraps it up in an exciting martial arts movie. Fight choreographer and lead actor Donnie Yen earned a Hong Kong Film Award for “Best Action Choreography” for his work in the film. Kung –Fu Killer has that classic martial arts feel, yet its modern and fresh. […]

Scott Adkins Fights For His Life In “Hard Target 2”

Over thirty years have passed since Van Damme starred in the John Woo directed “Hard Target”. This time around Scott Adkins takes the lead role in this action packed sequel. Adkins does not disappoint as he displays his martial arts skills. Adkins flexes his 720 hook kicks, jumping back kicks, 540 roundhouse kicks, grappling skills, […]

“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” Is A Big Budget Masterpiece

Ang Lee directs a film that is complete in every phase. Cinematography, acting, story, and martial arts ability. Chow Yun-Fat and Zhang Ziyi are fluid wielding the “Green Destiny” sword, but Michelle Yeoh (perhaps the finest female martial artist to grace the silver screen) shines again. When Li Mu Bai decides to leave the warrior […]