Bruce Lee Alters The Trajectory Of The Martial Arts World With “The Big Boss”!

Bruce Lee stars in his theatrical debut which catapulted his career to astronomical heights.

Although Lee worked as ‘Kato” in the U.S. “Green Hornet” television series, and was in some Hong Kong made movies as a child, this was the first time Lee starred on the silver screen. “The Big Boss” made Lee an instant star throughout Asia, international success would soon follow. In the film Cheng Chao-an (Bruce Lee) journeys to Thailand from China to work with his family in an ice factory. Before Leaving China Cheng Chao-an vowed to never fight. Cheng’s vow quickly gets tested, but he remains true to his word. Meanwhile Cheng’s cousins make an unfortunate discovery in their place of employment which leads to Cheng’s family members coming up missing. Cheng investigates and has to defend himself in order to keep his life. Once Cheng discovers the culprits responsible for his family’s disappearance, he enacts justice.

The intensity of Bruce Lee’s martial arts action scenes and his lean muscle physique put him in his own category. Director Lo Wei captures Lee’s legendary speed in full splendor along with his awe inspiring technique.

TR of writes (of “The Big Boss”) “struck a chord with audiences everywhere in a way rarely seen.”

This film marks a powerful turning point not only for Lee’s career, but for martial arts in general, every martial art, and martial arts movie has benefited from Bruce Lee’s success. This film will continue to exhilarate for years to come.

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