“36th Chamber Of Shaolin” Is One Of The Best Kung-Fu Movies Ever Made

Shaw Brothers Studio teams up with Director Chia- Liang Liu and superstar Chia Hui Liu and takes us on a journey into the Shaolin temple where we witness the extraordinary training methods used by the Shaolin monks. Each stage of training is called a chamber and each chamber’s focus is specific. From strength training, hand to hand combat, weapons, and spirituality, each part of the Kung-Fu regimen is displayed.

San Te (Chia-Hui Liu) is a young student living in a town governed by an oppressive government. After assisting local rebels, his family and fellow students are killed by the governing authorities. After narrowly escaping death, San Te vows revenge, and travels to the Shaolin temple to learn Kung-Fu.

In this film you will discover that each chamber is a classic! Look for a lot of blood mixed with sweat in the training. Each mistake is a painful experience. There is always a blade ready to cut the student with bad technique, or weak muscles, that’s if the student is not being burned for moving their heads when it should be still. In Shaolin it’s do it right or feel the consequences!

Dave Kehr of the New York Time Says: “A frequent candidate for the finest martial arts movie ever made.”

The 36TH Chamber Of Shaolin is a jaw-dropping film that inspires. It only gets better with time! Without a doubt, one of the best martial arts movies ever made.

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